Sassy Ez-Clean Pocketed Feeding Bib - lisa rankin

Sassy Ez-Clean Pocketed Feeding Bib

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The EZ-Clean Pocketed Feeding Bib helps make mealtime merrier! This brightly colored bib features a less mess pocket to catch drips and spills that unfolds for easy-wipe cleaning. The cotton-ribbed neck with secure closure and terry cloth backing are soft on baby's skin for extra comfort. And it is machine washable, too!

Styles may vary! Current assortment is Giraffes, Zebras or Flowers. You will we receive 1 random bib from this assortment.

  • Less Mess pocket unfolds for easy cleaning
  • Soft terry cloth backing for extra comfort
  • Ribbed neck with Velcro closure
  • Machine washable. Assorted designs
  • Inspire: Health
  • Ages: 0+ Months